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Body Massage

about RMC

Our Clients Come First

As a Hilo Massage Clinic, we focus on more of those clients in pain or with blocked range of motion. Knowing everyone has different pains and stresses, we’ve developed a unique system to help treat everyone in Hilo.


We broke down the core of our massages into two systems; Deep Massage Care and Gentle Massage Care. Deep care focuses more on those nasty chronic pains and limited range of motion, while Gentle care focuses on the daily stresses and any new injury that needs a gentler touch like whip-lash. Here at our wellness center, your health is our priority.


We second as a Hilo massage school giving our therapists and fellow students are always advancing knowledge on how to best help people. Get a massage Hilo, and take care of your aches and pains. And if your looking for a massage school in Hilo, then look no further, we are happy to help.

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